Zerolatency for Telecom Operator, is a multitenancy solution to manage the Media Right distribution, the fast cloud mixer production, management and the distribution of an event, to B2B model and B2C model.


Today we can give the possibilities to Telecom operators and create a professional workflow for live events, with the real-time deployment of full infrastructure on a virtual machine or cloud base. This workflow fit with great possibilities for the activity of the right holder, to create e new market and delivery and monetise the content in b2b way, for fast tv channels, Broadcaster, and Media Delivery.

This tool can really help to create a new channel by the right holder in a professional way on a complete solution.

Our Vision and Key Point

Based on our long experience, we understand what our customers needs and we provide the best robust and reliable solution for sport. Location, quality of network ingest, delivery content, control and protection of content on streaming distribution and ingest.

Contact us

Here you can schedule a real time “live presentation” of Zerolatency and you could ask our team questions who would be happy to support you on your Zerolatency discovery.