Zerolatency for Telecom Operator, is a multitenancy solution to manage the Media Right distribution, the fast cloud mixer production, management and the distribution of an event, to B2B model and B2C model.


Today we can give the possibilities to Telecom operators and create a professional workflow for live events, with the real-time deployment of full infrastructure on a virtual machine or cloud base. This workflow fit with great possibilities for the activity of the right holder, to create e new market and delivery and monetise the content in b2b way, for fast tv channels, Broadcaster, and Media Delivery.

This tool can really help to create a new channel by the right holder in a professional way on a complete solution.

Our Vision and Key Point

Based on our long experience, we understand what our customers needs and we provide the best robust and reliable solution for sport. Location, quality of network ingest, delivery content, control and protection of content on streaming distribution and ingest.

Our Vision and Key Point

Based on our long experience, we understand what our customers needs and we provide the best robust and reliable solution for telecom operators. Location, quality of network ingest, delivery content, control and protection of content on streaming distribution and ingest.


Key Point

Full platform deployed on cloud infrastructures of a Telecom Operator or on Cloud infrastructures of Cloud provider.

  1. Virtual mixer deployed online on the cloud

  2. Origin Hub deployed in real-time on the cloud 

  3. CDN deployed on the cloud in real-time

All this is a real example of infrastructure as a service.

All services are deployed only on software bases and gives the Telecom Operator more value than simply reselling a VM licence.

Easy integration with the provisioning systems of the Telecom Operator

A product designed for a specific market

For Telecom Operator

More value from the infrastructure of Telecom Operator in order to give an Open Service with big value is a new way to increase the revenue for telecom operators, with video being one the most consuming activities on the internet. For a standard business model we thought about a Zerolatency Licence for Telecom operator

For Cloud Service Provider

Two big advantages of having this partnership for Cloud Service Provider Operator.
  • Usage for customers interested in Zerolatency pre configured set up, can help the customer buy and use the solution.
  • The delivery time is very fast, which is a key point in choosing a partner and technologies and give more value to data center bandwidth.
Definitely a Partnership between a Cloud Operator and Zerolatency is a win win partnership. Try it!

Origin Hub

Not just a licence but a business model, with rapid growth for services for Telecom Operators. The Zerolatency team can help the Telecom Operator in order to recognise a new business opportunity and a new business approach. Different from a competitor with fast R.O.I. and to have the possibility to offer a new approach to sales and marketing with a new product that can fit the request of very vibrant and powerful markets.

More Value to Video Bandwidth

You can enrich the value of your internet bandwidth, with live services like encoding, transcoding, transmit services and players that the telecom operator can offer to the professional market in order to reduce the develop and complete cost for customer and capitalize the asset of Telecom Operator.

For Telecom Operator and Cloud Service


Real Time creation ingest point for Telecom and Cloud Operator Service Provider


Instant deployment solution of Virtual Mixer and Light Playout on your network with standard template for your customer


Instant deployment of transcoding solution for your customer, with per build set up to ingest the best quality in less time 


Instant time solution to manage a full complete workflow for live sport video production, for encoding ingest, to transcoding, to manage the right holder distribution feed to the full chain of stakeholders for live events. A clear workflow for new revenue stream for your company.


Real-time CDN development on your network, in order to create a new stream of revenue from your customer base.

The CDN layer support delivery content on HLS low latency and WebRTC with ultra low latency layer up to 500 ms of delivery time


API for integration with third-party solutions, for video production, encoder system, transcoding system, Live event management, and live ingest feed on Social Networks.

For Telecom Operator On Its Network


With the Spectar+, we are proud to offer the next generation battle-tested Multi-Screen Video Service Delivery Platform that enables centralised service management, distribution and monetisation of Linear TV and VOD assets on multiple platforms and devices, over public or managed networks.


State of the Art transcoding appliance for Telecom Operator.  In one single hardware up 100 live Hd transcoding Channels for a green data center.

Save cost and go green with less power for your transcoding


With the UPS OTA platform you can update the versioning of all apps managed from the Spectar+ in one place.

You can create a Group of users and update the software, switch it on and off  and all this from one single interface.


Ero Set top Box is a 4K set top box developed for live sport operating in the Retail area. With a great example of reliability of the Box Hardware in environment of professional services, ERO STB is the right appliance for B2B solution for Live sport Retail, and can be easily be part of the Hardware Portfolio of a Modern Telecom Operator.


Based on Control provided by Spectar plus, the app for Telecom operator, on Android tv, Apple tv, Roku, Firestick, its the application to deliver a great number of Customer for Telecom operator customer Base.

This app can receive the content from the Spectar+ CMS, and based on it can manage content and user, with the right content for right customer.


With web app distribution the solution with Mobile app, under the control of Spectar+, can easily be managed by the user, a group of users, the content and packages of content for fast and easy distribution.

App work on iOS and Android.


Remote Live Events

RCS Giro D'Italia & Classiche

In bicycle racing the most important thing is to be on time, and thanks to Zerolatency Infrastructure all the broadcasters, journalists and online enthusiasts can get the live content with Zero Latency.

We managed: Remote Intenert Connection, Live Event Streaming and Web Broadcasting.

Live streaming

Senato Della repubblica italiana Since 2005

8 live channels, more than 5000 live events every year, speech to text finest technology for every event, VOD platform 24/7, reliable infrastructure and a world class CDN for the Italian Parliament

Zerolatency is the vector of political communication in Italy since 2005. 

VOD platform

Insitutional and entertainment partners

If your company organizes live events and wants to bring the information to the larger public possible, this is the solution for you. 

We manage the live ingest video, virtual mixer, live streaming and VOD platform even in different locations for each event.

You can also sell and manage rights to access the contents for your partners and customer, everything in a single platform: this is Zerolatency.

Retail Store

online and in-store betting

How fast can a horse run? We let the experts answer this question while we handle the live streaming of 60% of World Horse Racing around the globe trough our CDN and STB delivery

With this solution, everyone can create its own schedule of contents to be shown on its betting website or in betting retail store through our fast and scalable CDN.

You can also manage distribution rights and schedule as Right Holder.

Contact us

Here you can schedule a real time “live presentation” of Zerolatency and you could ask our team questions who would be happy to support you on your Zerolatency discovery.